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Another Brick in the Wall by HarleyQuinn2012

Overall this is a really strong photo. It has excellent composition, and I particularly like the pose the guy is striking in the photo. He seems very collective and thoughtful, like he's thinking deeply and the viewer should too. Having hands in pockets also adds a casual feel to the image, and makes it seem lke being thoughtful is a common occurence -- people often put their hands in their pockets when walking or just standing, and he is often just thinking wherever he is.

The colors and shades in the photo are also very fascinating. The bricks fading up from the lighter orange to the darker red provides a great contrast to the man's blue jeans and dark blue shirt, particularly since the orange and blue are complimentary colors. Those colors and the really make the image stand out in a brilliant, excellent way. It makes me curious about the setting and natural light that may have contributed to the scene. The light pinkish tone to his skin also ties into the bricks and the jeans, again tying the colors together and contrasting them excellently.

The title is critical part in this piece as well. Without the specific words you chose for it, this would be just another portrait. However, by calling it a general "Another Brick in the Wall" and not specifiying to the person or any others, the whole scene is presented in a new and fascinating light. As I said earlier, the man appears to be very thoughtful, so considering the title he could be thinking about his place among his friends, family, society, etc. Is he just another person, another brick, supporting so many others? Will he ever stand on his own? Does he want to? -- thus many fun philosophical questions spring up!

Moving on, one thing I would suggest changing or editing slightly, if it was possible, would be the greenish tinge in the man's hair and in the white mortar (?) in the lines between the bricks. For me, this color is a tad distracting from the rest of the photo because it's just differnt enough to not really fit as a complimentary color, nor is it opposite enough to the red in the bricks to stand out in the familiar Christmas scheme. As for in his hair, I honestly can't tell if it's dyed or just lighting but either way in the photo it looks awkward (sorry to the guy! ><) .

However, comparatively over the rest of the image and its strengths, this is relatively minor. As I stated above, an overall excellent photo. :hug:

PS: Again, congrats on the contest! ;)
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HarleyQuinn2012 Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Student Photographer
Thank you so much for your very insightful and honest critique! I appreciate all of the wonderful compliments. As for the awkward blueish green, the entire image was actually an accident during the editing process and I really liked it. I'm glad you brought attention to that however, I may go back and try to fine tune that a bit. Thank you again for all of the care you took in writing this!!!
Wanderlings Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
Many welcomes to you :)
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